Project Updates

Committee sub-groups have been meeting since January 2017 developing various components of the final QEP plan. Below you will find updated QEP materials, organized by month.

  • In September 2017 the full Development Committee came together to review the current status of the QEP project.  Below you will see artifacts that were presented during the September meeting.  These documents are in draft form and will continue to be revised by the committees in preparation for the final submission in February 2019.

  • Based on the feedback received from the September Stage Gate meeting changes have been made to the QEP concept.  During the Stage Gate meeting QEP committee members were given an opportunity to provide feedback and observations regarding the QEP.  This information was then taken back to the sub-committees and discussed in an effort to ensure all opportunities were evaluated.  Several suggested changes were then taken to the Steering and Executive Committees for review and approval.  The changes will allow for a larger student population to participate within the program and ultimately receive the benefit of transformative learning. 

    These changes include:

    • HIP courses occurring within any year of the students program will now have the opportunity to be included.
    • The QEP will now include courses that involve activities in all high impact practice categories, as defined by AAC&U, and meet the requirements of the QEP framework.
    • The communication and marketing campaign will include intentional messaging to underrepresented populations in addition to the entire student community.

    QEP Summary Document

  • In February 2018 an update was presented to the full Development Committee.  The updates included information regarding the overall concept, technology evaluations, budget, assessment, pilot, expert lecture series, and marketing.  The artifacts below were presented during the meeting.

  • Undergraduate Research


    First-Year Seminar