The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is an opportunity for Kennesaw State University (KSU) to review and enhance one or more areas of focus for student learning.  The plan ultimately demonstrates, in part, KSUs commitment to continuous improvement across the institution. 

KSU began reviewing QEP topics in fall of 2015.  The QEP guidelines are available on the SACSCOC website.  Once the selection is made, a detailed description of the implementation and assessment of the QEP will be submitted to SACSCOC in fall of 2018, six months before the reaffirmation on-site visit.  The visiting committee will examine data and documentation used by KSU to develop the QEP.

A team of 43 administrators, staff, and students, as well as the University community-at-large, participated in the selection of the next QEP proposal for Kennesaw State University.  The Selection Committee reviewed the written proposals, town hall presentations, and survey results to make the final determination.  With approval from Dr. Papp and Dr. Harmon, the Selection Committee is recommending that Engaging in Transformative Learning be the selected proposal. The final proposal will also incorporate key elements from STEM Literacy for an Engaged Citizenry and Community-based Learning for Engaged Citizenship and Sustainable Communities, in order to build robust QEP for KSU.

The QEP is now in the Planning and Development phase of the project.  This phase will allow for the creation of a new Planning and Development Committee, as well as creating the financial plan, timeline, assessment plan, organizational structure, marketing plan and documentation for reaffirmation.  Updates on the project can be found on the Project Updates page, under project information.

QEP Phases